We BLOCK any kind of interconnect bypass fraud and we do it WELL! We consult and support mobile operators to build back their international revenues and have a strong fight against fraudsters.

What is Interconnect Bypass Fraud?

According to the CFCA (Communications Fraud Control Association) 2017 Global Fraud Loss Survey, this fraud type has grown by 250% between 2013 and 2017 and is now assumed to be a $7 billion problem annually.

  • Interconnect Bypass fraud is a common illegal practice today where fraudsters terminate high cent international calls to in-country local termination points; using less expensive local tariffs through GSM Gateways (also knows as SIMboxes) or national trunks through local operators & local mobile interconnects.

  • It particularly grows and affects operators in developing markets where official interconnect rates are high, underscoring the fact that bypass is a response to increasing delta between local and international tariffs.

Damages to the Industry

INTERCONNECT BYPASS FRAUD degrades network & service quality and costs telecommunications industry BILLIONS of DOLLARS each year. The real extent of revenue loss to bypass mainly SIMbox activity is still largely unknown to many operators and MVNOs.

  • Not only does it have a direct impact on the operators’ or MVNOs’ bottom line, it is also responsible for traffic disruption on networks dragging down network quality thus causing customer dissatisfaction. It has side effects to network congestion which has an indirect reputational and financial damage. Let’s not forget the effects in violation of telecommunications laws in many countries.

  • The quality of service also suffers due to network congestion on the call, the bad quality due to traffic and the excessive number of dropped calls.

  • Inbound roamers may also experience problems in receiving calls if SIMboxes try to bypass calls to routing numbers (MSRN) used to terminate calls to inbound roamers.

How Does Interconnect
Bypass Fraud Work?

Challenges and Threats

  • In today’s world, SIMBOX technology is improving and vendors are adding new features to allow fraudsters to avoid being caught by mobile operators such as human behavior and others.

  • The fraudsters are smart, techie and – being from the same market – they know how to supply the SIMs and outfox the local operators. They even use moving vehicles such as vans to avoid geo-fence detection. They have a close relationship with operators’ employees or resellers.

  • The biggest threat to the market is actually OTT growth within the mobile industry. Let’s take WhatsApp as an example. WhatsApp is causing revenue loss on international revenues of all mobile operators. Against this MNOs are trying to cover the revenue gap via increasing international rates which is causing a huge increase in the delta between local and international tariffs. The bigger the delta; the more hungry the fraudsters get. Therefore MNOS need new methodologies and technologies to tackle and fight against this growing demand.


  • We BLOCK any kind of interconnect bypass fraud and we do it WELL!

  • We consult and support mobile operators to build back their international revenues and have a strong fight against fraudsters.

  • Our solution is unique, using active real subscriber databases with a dynamic testing methodology. – Fraudsters over the years have developed intelligent precautions against traditional testing solutions as they use static numbers for the tests.

  • What we do the best is to generate test calls through IP networks to active subscriber databases where mobile operators have the flexibility to change their test plans real time.

  • We use a very large network of new generation IP based call origination products along with traditional calling products (MVNOs; calling cards and etc.) in order to maximize our call generation capabilities.

  • We are also capable to detect any OTT Bypass where we simply cover any type of interconnect fraud.