Odine Solutions Compliance Monitoring Solution empowers Operators with audit capability of their DPI solutions in deployments where government agencies force URL blocking, helping Telco Operators avoid fines associated with unblocked URLs in their network.

What is Compliance Monitoring Solution?

Compliance monitoring makes sure the “URL Blocking” requests and warrants issued by government agencies are correctly being implemented by Operator’s DPI and PCRF solutions. Normally Operators hire in-house staff to check compliance, however, this is costly, and it’s not possible to check all URLs. The ODINE Compliance Monitoring solution makes sure that each and every URL, 10s or 100s of thousands of URLs, are checked and verified.

  • Odine Solutions’ Compliance Monitoring Solution monitors URL statistics through probes installed at different geographical locations.

  • Application server monitors configured KPIs and generates alarms if there are discrepancies.

  • The system provides a Web-based GUI for administrative tasks, reporting, analysis, and provisioning & configuration of probes.

  • Probes communicate to the application server through secure internet protocols and the application server stores and performs statistical analysis on data received from probe clients.


  • Monitoring Probes: Monitoring Probes: Client application that runs on the probe for monitoring and communication with the application server. Probes are deployed in remote locations and register to the Central Server. Probes have a local DB to ensure data integrity with the central node in case there is a connectivity issue between the central and probe nodes. 3G/4G and Ethernet interfaces are available.

  • Web Server: Responsible for handling all client requests for provisioning and reporting.

  • Application Server: This server handles the following functions;

    Provisioning of probes client nodes
    Alarming and Notification system
    Calculating traffic monitoring statistics
    Integration with third-party systems such as LDAP

    Integration with Government Agencies systems for fully automated auditing

  • Database Server: Is responsible for storing configuration and collected data, and responding to requests from clients and application server.

Compliance Monitoring Components