Call Routing System

Odine Solutions’ Call Routing System is designed to overcome route management issues in multi-vendor, multi-node, and multi-site packet voice networks, allowing existing infrastructures to support higher call volumes, more complex routing and an ever-growing number of carrier interconnects. It was developed to meet the needs of this network evolution while extending the usable life of existing VOIP and Softswitch network systems. Odine Solutions’ Call Routing System is a high-performance SIP Redirector successfully resolving route management issues in any multi-vendor, multi-node, and multi-site packet voice network. Thanks to Odine Solutions’ Call Routing System, the network operation is simplified through the centralization of key routing control resulting in savings in both OPEX and CAPEX. Upgrading existing hardware is efficiently delivered through the Odine Solutions’ Call Routing System, which is important when CAPEX budgets are being closely scrutinized.

Our Call Routing System is natively integrated to our Route Optimization System or can be integrated to any existing routing engine with its north-bound interface module called VRPA (V-Series Route Provisioning Adaptor). VRPA is a smart interface for routing engine to deliver actual routing applying advanced business logic.

Key Features

  • Optimized routing will reduce the unnecessary consumption of your switch ports (2 to 4 ports per call), leading to optimal port utilization and reduced capacity expansion related capital and operational expenditures.
  • Odine Solutions’ Call Routing System offers a wealth of rich routing features of which Dynamic LLCR, Number Portability corrected Routing, Origin (Customer) based routing with Exceptions and support for over 200M+ routes are a few key examples. As Call Routing System is deployed as a centralized routing engine in the core of the network, these features in effect become new features available to all nodes that utilize the Call Routing System.
  • The rapid provisioning of our Call Routing System eliminates the complexity, risk and the time lost provisioning multiple switches
  • Whether coupled with an existing back-office LCR / Route Optimization solution or with ODINE’s ROS, CRS offers rapid centralized management of routing for multiple IMS/NGN network elements, bringing you the flexibility of unified routing for distributed networks and vendors in a converged centralized routing engine.


  • Its unique technology (real-time CDR processing) enables proactive traffic monitoring
  • Real-time Active Call Monitoring ( By Service/Carrier/Trunk or total calls on the switch)
  • Built on top of a high performance and flexible mediation with enrichment layer
  • Ad-Hoc CDR Query and Analysis with drill-down option
  • Unified & Personalized dashboards (widget based) which provide a condensed graphical view of key business data, built-in and customizable reporting
  • Powerful multi-threshold monitoring and alarming on KPIs and metrics including ASR, ACD, NER, MOS, R-Factor and many others.
  • Customizable & Scheduled Reporting Engine
  • Real-time Visibility to networks & traffic – improves NOC performance