Route Optimization System

Odine Solutions’ Route Planning and Management solution is designed to optimize routing in order to maximize Wholesale Carrier’s profit margins whilst assuring the levels of QoS delivered to their customers. ROS enhances the carrier’s ability to readily understand and adopt decision-making to rapidly changing market and network conditions to more successfully automate, streamline and optimize the routing process. It is designed to enable operators to route their traffic in an extensive and advanced way. Its unique proprietary routing algorithm allows taking fast and flexible routing decisions.

Key Features

  • Rule-based automated Route Policy Management
  • Wizard Based Supplier Code Import
  • LCR, LLCR, Lossless, Percentage Based, Prefix-Based routing
  • A leg-based Routing
  • Route sets for maximum efficiency
  • Combination of priority and percentage based routing for optimum blending
  • Service, Destination, Customer, Endpoint Group (Product), Prefix-Based flexible routing
  • Proprietary Routing Algorithm which allows for very rapid route provisioning
  • Routing Workflow for generating route change requests
  • Automated & Scheduled Push Route provisioning


  • Acceleration of the complete Route management cycle to take advantage of the dynamic nature of the Wholesale business
  • Reduce your Operating and Interconnect Termination costs while maximizing trading margins through granular optimized routing
  • Rapid Provisioning of the CRS eliminates the complexity, risk and the time lost provisioning multiple switches in the network
  • The CRS improves the efficiency of network asset utilization by eliminating hair-pining and route-through scenarios, leading to lowered capital and operational expenditures
  • Routing Workflow increases the efficiency and communication between routing, buying and sales teams.
  • Perfect for a carrier-grade, high-performance Centralized Routing Server to overcome Switch/SBC limitations with number of supported routes and different types of routing such as Percentage based and Lossless LCR (LLCR)