Cloud-Based Suite for SMS Wholesale Business including switching, routing, pricing, billing and fault management.

Built for SMS Wholesale Business

  • Our SMS Platform addresses all aspects of SMS wholesale business and offers an easy-to-use web portal for your team to manage the daily business.

  • The cloud-based platform enables you to build scalable and reliable SMS services, which can range from one connection to thousands of connections per platform partner.

  • All-in-one SMS trading platform for those seeking to run a SMS wholesale business.



    • Cloud-based SMS trading platform tailored
    for SMS wholesale business
    • Fully managed platform: no engineering support required
    • Turn-key web-based solution, including Switching, Pricing, Routing, Billing and Fault management
    • No Capex: no hardware to buy, and no software to install
    • Unlimited license: no limitations in the number of supplier connections, customers, resellers, users, rate plans, etc.


    • Powerful and feature-rich routing editor
    • Routing changes are activated in real-time
    • MNP based routing to maximize delivery
    • Load balancing
    • Conditional routing based on sender ID, CLI,
    content, destination, etc.
    • Set routing priority conditions for time-critical traffic
    • Enhanced least cost routing (LCR) with strong features


    • Rate plan manager with negative margin indicator
    • Fast and simple price management
    • Create standard-rate plans and individually tailor them to your customers’ requirements
    • Create multiple-rate plans for the same customer
    • The system automatically issues the rate changes out
    to your customers


    • Priority Control: define delivery priority rules for each
    rate plan or connection
    • Sophisticated queue control: buffered SMS can be
    paused, restarted, prioritized, rerouted and rejected
    • Retry schemes based on error codes and routing rules
    • Asynchronous message handling to maximize delivery
    • Throttling: adjustable throughput limits in SMS/second


    • SPAM filter: intelligent SMS Firewall which detects and blocks SPAM messages
    • Multiple black and white lists can be assigned per rate plan
    • Destination filter: SMS are filtered based on recipient lists
    • Originating filter: SMS are filtered based on
    Sender ID and CLI list
    • Content filter: SMS are filtered based on message text
    • Individual filter: SMS can be filtered based on your own rules and business needs


    • Fast and individual export of detailed CDRs
    • Browse your CDRs using the powerful message log viewer
    • Analyze your traffic with flexible data-filtering features
    • Simple data export to Excel/CSV for post
    processing purposes
    • Scheduled delivery of reports to your email


    • Real-time billing for postpaid and prepaid connections
    • Automatic invoicing of customers
    • Credit management and alerts for balance and overdraft
    • Fast and easy credit top-up with auto-invoicing
    • Define individual payment terms and discounts types
    • Support of multiple currencies, taxes, languages, and timezones


    • Real-time and detailed reporting
    • A comprehensive presentation of commercial and
    quality data
    • Graphical presentation of results with interactive charts
    • Sophisticated drill down possibilities, down to
    individual messages


    • Highly protected and hacker-safe platform
    • Systems are collocated in bank certified data centers
    • Connections are restricted by IP address: only trusted
    IP’s can connect to the platform
    • HTTP(s) and VPN connectivity are available on request
    • Fully redundant system