Centralized Routing

Today’s Next Generation Interconnect VoIP Networks are increasing the competitive demands on carriers. Carriers are faced with significant challenges:

→ The need to increase top-line revenue through increased call volumes.

→ Number portability corrected routing across converged networks.

→ Margin pressures that force ever more complex routing rules, routing depth and routing policy.

→ A larger and more complex set of partner interconnects that demands route scale, flexibility, and ease of configuration.

→ Increasing profitability with existing network infrastructure, billing and operational support systems, as well as personnel.

Call routing and addressing is a key network function whose customer needs have evolved over time. Legacy solutions designed for TDM networks or lower scale VoIP networks cannot meet the needs of the evolving network. Today’s Next Generation VoIP Networks have created a more dynamic environment which requires routing changes that are more frequent and more granular.

The solution is Odine Solutions’ Centralized Routing Engine (CRE)

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