Interconnect SBC

At the network edge, issues like security, interoperability, protocols, system complexity, and service assurance are arising for operators and carriers alike, and in turn, they are demanding carrier-grade, intelligent session border controllers (SBCs) to ensure a seamless communications experience.

Deployed as a key part of SIP Trunking, IP eXchange (IPX), Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, VoLTE, IMS, and RCS Solutions, SBCs provide critical but diverse functions that include Signaling Interoperability, Advanced Session Management, Media Proxying, Transcoding, Session Access Control, Traffic Management, Security, and Policy Control; and play an increasingly vital role in the delivery of communications services by protecting your network services from malicious attacks, managing packet throughput under all load conditions, and normalizing otherwise incompatible protocols.

Our software-centric virtual Interconnect SBC solutions provide the flexibility to be deployed on a COTS appliance, as a virtual machine, or in the NFV cloud. They can be deployed as an integrated SBC with signaling and media combined on a single platform; or as a distributed SBC with the signaling and media software functions physically separated, allowing independent scalability of signaling and media resources, sharing and pooling of media assets, improved geo-resiliency, and optimized media routing.

As Odine Solutions, we work with all of the industry-leading SBC vendors to provide our fixed, mobile, cable, and Over-the-Top Operator customers, with the best fitting SBC for their requirements. All of our SBC solutions provide carrier-grade security, redundancy, availability, and scalability that allow seamless IP interconnects to peer with other service providers, to interconnect intra-carrier networks, to offer international long distance services, and to provide scalable IP eXchange (IPX) services to interconnect disparate fixed, mobile, cable, and OTT networks.

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