Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting

Carriers are faced with the challenge of monitoring hybrid networks which utilize different technologies, from multiple vendors, over transmission networks which often do not have any QoS mechanisms in place.

Odine l BOS has been specifically designed to effectively address these new monitoring requirements. It is designed to detect traffic anomalies and wholesale fraud in near-real time through its granular traffic monitors and flexible alarming engine.

BOS offers carriers near real-time visibility into the health of their networks, provides advanced traffic analysis, and actionable key network performance indicators for more efficient management of their interconnect voice business. BOS empowers carriers to rapidly find, diagnose and fix issues before they become revenue affecting problems.

If you want to monitor the efficiency and performance of your voice network, ensure service levels provided to customers are in-line with expectations, audit the KPIs delivered by your providers, detect traffic anomalies and fraud, then BOS is the solution for you.

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