Anti Fraud

With more mobile devices than people in the world, the opportunity for fraud has exploded. False answer supervision, premium rate fraud, and mobile fraud are all on the rise.

Promptly identifying and taking action is key to not becoming a contributor to the billions of dollars of revenue lost each year to fraud.

Legacy fraud management solutions are report-based, identifying issues based on simplistic averages and thresholds. Unfortunately for those systems, fraudsters are intelligent and dynamic, and easily find ways around these systems.

Our Solution performs statistical analytics on complex Call Detail Record using big data and continuous machine self-learning algorithms to maximize fraud detection while minimizing false positives. It is accurate, provides global coverage, is self-configuring, offers near real-time alerts, quantifies fraud by calls impacted, and stores Call Detail Records for disputes.

It scales to global volumes and has been deployed in the networks of the largest global carriers in the US, EU, and Asia.

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