Diameter Routing & Interworking

Our Diameter Routing and Interworking solution is a next Generation Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC-DRA-DEA-IWF) for 3G, 4G/LTE, IMS, Fixed, IPX, Wi-Fi and M2M networks for Diameter Routing, Diameter Mediation, and Protocol Interworking.

Many operators are faced with increasingly more complex integration issues. Multi-vendor environments and often proprietary protocols create difficult conditions to make use cases work. Our Diameter Routing and IWF solution is a specialized solution for integration of broadband, policy control, charging and IT systems. It provides functionality empowering IT and Network Engineering departments to enable advanced broadband use cases, faster and cheaper than any one-off IT project could ever achieve.

Operators can now enable, trial and execute use cases across systems without the need to wait for vendors to apply – often lengthy – change requests procedures. It is a fully productized broadband connectivity solution, designed to work with any policy control and IT layer product. Powerful implementation, configuration, and adaptations can be achieved using GUI configuration instead of time-consuming change requests or core development.

This flexibility will not only enable the operator to manage the increasing complexity of broadband use cases. It also offers a repeatable approach to deal with the increasing frequency of updates and changes across systems and protocols. Within operators networks, there are increasingly more policy decisions and inputs needed to enable innovative broadband services and tariff plans.

On the road from 3G to LTE/IMS, one of the first challenges that operators need to overcome is the connectivity between existing systems with legacy interfaces, and new policy control entities. Faced with many different protocols and versions, there is a need to normalize data between systems that are often incompatible, even when modern protocols such as Diameter are in play. It’s a key requirement to have a valuable flow of billing, service, subscriber and network information towards the systems that make and enforce the policy decisions. That information will enable marketing to compete with a much richer palette of service creation parameters such as service, capacity and subscriber awareness.

However, network operators are not only in need of a cheaper and more flexible way of achieving advanced connectivity. They also require far better control over established connections, as the different platforms and products are being adapted and updated frequently. Equally important is the ability for operators to independently advance broadband uses cases across all their data and control plane entities, with the ability to manipulate, enrich and redirect flows between systems from any vendor.

Our solution gives the operator the power to manage these integration challenges, making it possible to get services off the ground not only faster but also much cheaper than one-off integration projects.

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