Network Performance Monitoring

Our NPM solution helps mobile, LTE, VoIP, and fixed-line service providers maximize the value of network technologies and infrastructure investments. Our holistic service assurance solutions – which span monitoring and analytics – empower you to fully visualize and strategically enhance customer experience. Our solution enables operators to more effectively troubleshoot problems, resolve interoperability issues, and smoothly incorporate new technologies, to supply service providers with important insights that uncover hidden opportunities and new business models that create a long-term advantage.

By correlating Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) data for voice, video, and data services, our service assurance solutions report a more meaningful metric: Quality of Application (QoA) as experienced by customers, providing complete visibility into the customer experience and allowing faster diagnosis of the issues that diminish it by identifying trends and predicting failures before they happen.

Our analytics solutions provide actionable intelligence for tightly controlling costs, resolving complex issues, predicting customer trends, and optimizing network investments. Along with smarter day-to-day decision making, it provides operators with important insights that enable you to uncover hidden revenue opportunities and new business models that hand you a long-term advantage.

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