Network Visibility

Service Providers are contemplating how to de-risk the rollout of several new technologies, namely IP Voice (VoLTE / VoIMS / VoWiFi), Network Virtualization (NFV), and 100Gb transport links. In the past, operators have been able to deploy new technologies in series, one after another. The interdependencies of these new and largely untried “Triple Challenge” technologies poses a great change in how service providers architect their networks and how services will be deployed.

Widespread adoption of virtualization and cloud computing is challenging the capabilities of traditional network monitoring and performance management tools, and furthermore, Regulatory and business rules for real-time data recording and retention are driving the installation of parallel monitoring networks alongside production data networks

Our unified Visibility Fabric solution enables Active Visibility by tapping the physical and virtual network and distributing intelligent nodes throughout the network. These nodes can perform critical real-time packet manipulation and align the right traffic with the right solutions to improve application and network performance management, security and customer experience management.

Active Visibility enables the operator to evaluate new tools without impacting production networks, thereby shortening technology evaluation cycles and the time to deployment. With Active Visibility, networks gain the flexibility to grow and adopt new technologies.

The unified Visibility Fabric and Active Visibility solutions enable operators to confidently adopt new technologies without sacrificing network-wide visibility, intelligence, security, and agility.

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