OTT Control

The recent explosion in new international submarine fiber rings and the launch of high-speed Broadband Internet services will bring about significant changes in many countries. Though these changes will be vastly beneficial for consumers and businesses, it will have negative effects on Operators through minutes and revenues lost to International OTT, and in the end, Governments which are not able to collect the taxes from these OTT Operators.

With these developments in mind, Odine Solutions has brought an innovative approach for Regulators and governments, revolutionizing the way Wholesale Interconnect Taxation and OTT Revenue Assurance are implemented and operated to boost revenues and allow the fastest ROI for the stakeholders.

Odine Solutions’ OTT Revenue Assurance Solution combines a highly scalable and redundant software based DPI solution and additional elements to passively inspect for and analyze usage of VoIP and proprietary OTT applications such as Skype, Viber, Tango, and others for accounting and statistical reporting purposes. This solution may be integrated with our FMS Solution for further correlation with TDM calls, and if desired, these and other OTT applications can be actively controlled with capabilities such as blocking, shaping, redirection, etc.

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