Taxation & Revenue Assurance

With the accelerated pace of newly lit or soon to be lit submarine (as well as terrestrial) fiber optic cable systems, and the resultant introduction of abundant and cheap Internet connectivity, Telecom Authorities are under pressure to liberalize their Telecoms markets, often times through the issuance of International Gateway (IGW) licenses to new entrants. Though there are numerous advantages to the public as a result of this liberalization, there is a major risk to Authorities and Governments, the loss of revenues once derived from the incumbent telecom operators.

One way to offset the loss of these revenues is through the collection of annual fees (% of annual revenues) or per minute levies (tax) on international inbound calls transited through the IGW Operators.

Odine Solutions offers its IVT Solution to enable Regulators to non-intrusively collect and analyze signaling information in real-time from National Operator Interconnections for use in QoS Monitoring and Billing/Taxation.

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