Carrier-Grade SBC

Our Interconnect SBC offering is powered by the Ribbon S3 SBC, for which Odine Solutions has achieved Ribbon Networks Global Product Support Center status for, and deploying globally since 2005.

The S3, uniquely built to provide advanced and robust VoIP peering and routing controls, can be deployed as a key part of SIP Trunking, IP eXchange (IPX), Carrier Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, VoLTE, and IMS Services. It provides critical but diverse functions that include Signaling Interoperability, Advanced Session Management, Media Proxying, Transcoding, Session Access Control, Traffic Management, Security, and Policy Control; and plays an increasingly vital role in the delivery of communications services by protecting your network services from malicious attacks, managing packet throughput under all load conditions, and normalizing otherwise incompatible protocols.

Our managed Interconnect SBC offering provides carrier-grade security, redundancy, availability, and scalability that allows for seamless IP interconnects to peer with other service providers, to interconnect intra-carrier networks, to offer international long distance services, and to provide scalable IP eXchange (IPX) services to interconnect disparate fixed, mobile, cable, and OTT networks.

This service can be bundled with our ODINE Wholesale Voice PaaS, an integrated suite of applications featuring flexible, scalable, and event-driven routing, route optimization, numbering, rating, billing, financial reporting, and engineering OSS tools; in our Cloud Wholesale Carrier Voice solution.