Dispute Management System

The Odine Dispute Management System enables Wholesale operators to successfully manage the billing dispute process with policies, procedures, and automated workflow & analysis, all with minimum human intervention. No more time-consuming CDR analysis, getting lost in Excel files and thousands of lines of CDRs!

DMS lets Operators improve management of past-due accounts resulting from unresolved disputes by drastically reducing resources spent to resolve disputes and accelerating the time to resolve disputes, fast-tracking disputed invoices to the critical collection phase, freeing up funding for new deals.

DMS Features

› CDR Comparison – gathered from customers & providers

› Call by call analysis – reports all differences with highlights of possible dispute times/areas

› Filtered results – by date and/or destination

› Multiple groups for time difference scales to group behaviours – Groups matched CDRs and rounding issues, unique CDRs, or hung sessions, by labeling different time differences

› Carrier invitations to upload CDRs – automated workflow with Invitations sent by DMS

› Dispute Result Reports

– available via export in various file and output formats

– can be shared with carriers in dispute through automated emails or through the DMS Portal

› Auto Time Zone detection & correlation of CDR time zones

› Automated alerting mechanisms –  triggers the user and the partner to view & upload CDRs