Trading, Billing & Settlement

Odine Solutions’ Trading, Billing, and Settlement tool is responsible for the near real-time Interconnect Billing and Settlement function for Wholesale Operators and Carriers.

Odine Solutions’ Trading, Billing, and Settlement has been designed to handle the end-to-end billing cycle for an ever-increasing number of interconnect partners while reducing costs through increased efficiency and through reductions of errors in a traditionally error-prone process via features such as Auto Rate Import and Auto Invoicing. By ensuring that every single CDR is mediated, rated, and invoiced,  Odine Solutions’ Trading, Billing, and Settlement allows carriers to eliminate revenue leakage, ensuring that hard fought for margins are not lost to back office billing errors.

Odine Solutions’ Trading, Billing, and Settlement near real-time information allows for rapid actions to be taken in the current dynamic and volatile wholesale markets and its use of automation and overall ease of use reduce complexity and errors, whilst decreasing the amount of time required to finalize interconnects with new partners

Our Trading, Billing, and Settlement is well suited for Carriers of all sizes, with features such as Prepaid account management with auto-blocking which opens new avenues for revenue generation through partnerships with smaller carriers, and Swaps/Bilateral management for larger carriers.